SecurePay partner Q&A: Magento

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world and it is growing fast here in Australia. We quizzed Simon Underwood, Magento Country Manager Australia & New Zealand, to find out more about its offering.

Magento, an e-commerce platform for enterprise, B2C and B2B customers, is hosting its MagentoLive event in Sydney in November. Simon Underwood, Country Manager Australia & New Zealand, tells us about the platform’s plans for Australia and offers some advice for e-commerce retailers.

What is Magento’s position in the Australian marketplace?

“Magento is the preferred platform in Australia, with 45 per cent of all online stores here powered by Magento. We have a real cross-section of industries, including B2B and fashion. Magento is extremely popular in this region and we get lots of support from our partners in the region.”

What are some of the best examples of Magento-powered websites in Australia?

The Athlete’s Foot and Bendon Lingerie are two big brands using Magento. Our product really fits Australia well and it has a big impact here, because of our size and costs. Magento is extremely competitive on cost for an enterprise product. Despite originally being built for enterprise clients, we have worked with four start-ups in Australia in the past five months. We are seeing growth from both ends of the market, as it is increasingly important for start-ups to understand the importance of investing in quality enterprise software. A start-up needs to build up their businesses and they understand the need to get their structures right first.”

What makes Magento different from other e-commerce platforms?

“Flexibility, scalability and integration. In terms of scalability, start-ups are increasingly seeing that, with Magento, there is no ceiling. In Australia, we have big businesses using the platform, but we have even bigger businesses in the US and Europe. With Magento, you can integrate systems, including point of sale and inventory management.”

How do you work with SecurePay?

“Magento customers can use SecurePay as a secure payment gateway. And Magento customers that are interested in using SecurePay can
easily make the switch, as it is simple to integrate.”

What sorts of topics will be covered at MagentoLive Australia?

“This is our annual event, on 13 to 14 November 2014. It is an opportunity for retailers from different divisions to learn more about Magento. There will be stories from current customers, and our senior management team will be speaking about what the platform is doing globally and the Magento roadmap for the future. Customers will be able to learn how to improve their businesses and why Magento is so popular, with us having 30 per cent of the global marketshare.”

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for e-commerce in Australia?

“The industry as a whole is very young and there are lots of opportunities for growth. More and more businesses are seeing the opportunity to engage with their customers online and to increase their revenue across their business.

We need to continue to educate retailers on the best strategy for their business and how to integrate their current business with the Magento platform.”

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