Q&A: Neto on its e-commerce solutions, click and collect and much more

Neto is an e-commerce solution that works with a wide range of retail clients in Australia. Having started out as an online retailer itself, Neto understands the challenges and now works with SecurePay to provide online payment solutions for its clients. We caught up with Ryan Murtagh, founder and Director of Neto, to find out more about the solution and how it sees e-commerce developing in Australia.

How did Neto start and what does the company do?

Neto is an all-in-one e-commerce solution. We originally started as online retailers ourselves but found that we struggled to scale our own business effectively. Neto was born out of necessity when we set about solving online retail problems through software. We decided to develop an end-to-end e-commerce platform, which could streamline online retailing for SMBs. We effectively changed from a retailer to a software company – that was seven years ago.

We now work with more than 1,000 businesses all over Australia. These range from very small businesses – ones turning over $30,000 a year – right through to very large retailers such as Anaconda and Harris Scarfe. Retailers that turn over between $1 million and $5 million are our sweet spot. Many of our customers start with a small business package. As they grow, they realise that manual processes are not great, and they start to look for automated solutions.

What is Neto’s position in the Australian market?

We fulfil the gap between small high-volume solutions like Shopify and enterprise solutions likeMagento.

Our target market is retailers that are growing and need to scale their business. We solve growing businesses’ problems.

How are you different from other e-commerce platforms?

We are a true all-in-one solution and can do freight labelling and integration with accounting solutions.

In addition, we don’t rely on third-party apps as much as some other solutions do. With us, it is all within our own solution. We do support third-party apps, but the core e-commerce business functions are managed and maintained by us.

We also offer a full-service web offering – from design to development. This means our clients can have one point of contact, which is very important, especially on the integration side. Customers really like knowing who they can talk to.

How many people do you employ?

We have 40 people in our office in Brisbane, and we also have an office in Hong Kong that does development.

“Lots of our merchants utilise SecurePay – it makes it easy for them and it makes it easy for us, as we can get them trading quickly.”

Ryan Murtagh, Neto’s founder and Director

Who are some of your e-commerce customers?

A few include: adventure and outdoor company Wild EarthHoselink, which has sold over one million hose connections online; Edible BloomsCycling DealRamCity and Driza-Bone.

How do you work with SecurePay?

We integrate with SecurePay through an API, and all of SecurePay’s products are available through us.

SecurePay is a one-minute set-up on our side, and lots of our merchants utilise SecurePay – it makes it easy for them and it makes it easy for us, as we can get them trading quickly. We have been a partner and used SecurePay ourselves for many years. Over seven years, we have never had a problem. From a reporting and customer service perspective, it is a reliable payments provider.

How do you see e-commerce in Australia developing in the future?

The market in Australia is maturing and there will be more opportunities to grow. Australia is about five years behind the US in terms of online shopping. As e-commerce volume increases here for merchants, they can start to move to more automated solutions.

What is going to be a major trend in e-commerce in Australia this year?

In 2015 in Australia, we are going to see a massive shift towards click and collect. Customers are doing more browsing and purchasing online and picking up in store. The major players are pushing that. There is also a general omnichannel retail push to include online, offline, mobile and marketplaces. We have focused on developing solutions for omnichannel retailing that integrate with point of sale solutions.

In addition, Neto merchants rely heavily on integrations with marketplaces, and we will continue to see that grow. A large proportion of our merchants sell through eBay (the largest marketplace). It makes sense, as there are eight million shoppers using it.

If you could grant the e-commerce industry in Australia one wish, what would it be?

Faster, cheaper shipping – the US has grown so rapidly due to Amazon’s influence, and that is all to do with shipping. Amazon offers very low-cost shipping or even free shipping, which really sets it apart from Australian companies. That is also why we think click and collect will have such a big role in Australia – it is valuable and helpful for the customer.

Where can people find out more about Neto?

We have a blog on our website, as well as a range of information and tips on e-commerce. We also run a weekly live webinar where people can ask questions – this happens every Thursday afternoon.

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