Owned online ordering: six great benefits for restaurants and takeaways

The online takeaway and ordering market in Australia is just getting started – the founder of OrderUp! outlines six key benefits of a fully owned online ordering service for restaurants and takeaways.

Recent deals in the Australian online takeaway ordering market point to strong growth – a trend that online ordering service OrderUp! believes will continue in the years ahead.

Earlier this year, Menulog Group was acquired for $855 million by the UK’s JUST EAT. This deal followed the merger of EatNow with Menulog in February 2015.

While these types of third-party aggregators have helped to bring online takeaway ordering into the mainstream, OrderUp! founder John Saadie believes that more restaurants, cafes and takeaways will start moving to a fully branded and owned online ordering service in the future.

“Customer loyalty is a huge thing within the online space,” says Saadie. “As restaurants mature with online ordering, they are going to want their own brand control – they are using aggregators now to dip their toe in and test the water.”

He adds that online ordering is still in its infancy in Australia, with businesses such as butchers, green grocers and seafood shops just starting to come around to the concept.

“Customers are getting comfortable with ordering online,” he says. “The aggregators like Menulog have helped to educate the market. People are certainly more comfortable, particularly going to a brand.”

OrderUp! is used by hundreds of businesses all over Australia, including some major multiple-location franchises. Saadie outlines six key benefits that a fully branded and owned online ordering service offers businesses.

1. Quicker payments

OrderUp! customers sign up with SecurePay directly, whereas many of its competitors are aggregators.

“Our customers can set up their own payment gateway and get paid daily,” says Saadie. “This is a big benefit – traditionally, most of our competitors keep money for up to a fortnight. This makes a huge difference from a cash flow perspective.

“For restaurant customers, we are a great option if they are sick of transaction fees and having their business controlled by slow payments.”

Saadie adds that OrderUp! customers have found it quick and easy to sign up with SecurePay, with most opting for the all-in-one SecurePay Online Payments option.

“Integration is easy, technical support is good and the turnaround speed has been great – it is less than a week, which is much quicker than a bank,” he says. “It is faster, easier and actually quite cost-effective. People like knowing they have one fee and that is it.”

2. Customisation

OrderUp! allows restaurants and takeways to customise their site and ordering process to suit their particular needs. “Restaurants can have their own look and feel and their own functionality – customers can add custom features,” says Saadie. “Ninety five per cent of the platform is built and then we allow customers to customise the last five per cent as they require.”

3. Own your data

Saadie believes data will increasingly be used to improve the customer experience and for loyalty programs in the future. A system like OrderUp! allows restaurants and takeaways to own and retain their own data. “We work directly with franchise groups and individual businesses,” he says. “Franchise groups, in particular, like to have control over and to own their own data.

“Businesses can lose their identity by using third-party aggregators but you need your shop to be unique online, otherwise you risk losing customer loyalty,” he notes.

4. Hardware

OrderUp! provides its customers with its own unique hardware – an eight-inch tablet that includes a thermal printer. “This allows dockets to be printed directly from the hardware – orders are automatically printed out as soon as the order confirmation is sent,” explains Saadie.

Plus, the system works on wi-fi as well as 3G, which is ideal for customers who work remotely, like food trucks.

“We are one complete solution,” notes Saadie. “It means customers don’t have to have multiple systems; there is no double work. Customers don’t need any extra hardware – this is huge for franchises.”

5. Point-of-sale integration

OrderUp! integrates with many point-of-sale systems via a standard integration.

6. Fraud mitigation tools

As OrderUp! works with SecurePay, customers can opt to include FraudGuard, which helps to detect and reduce fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Tokenisation can also be added, allowing customers to save their card numbers for future orders, which speeds up the check-out process.

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