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Want to get your invoices paid faster? Online billing solution Hiveage has teamed up with SecurePay to give your customers the option to pay online from within an invoice. Here’s how it works.

Invoicing and billing can be a headache for business owners, especially when it comes to chasing up payments. A new partnership between online billing business Hiveage and SecurePay could be the solution.

Here, Hiveage’s Prabhath Sirisena reveals how easy online invoicing can be and explains how small businesses can even have an online payment option right inside their invoice, meaning quicker payment and less stress.

1.What does Hiveage do and how does it help business owners?

Hiveage is an online invoicing solution for small businesses and freelancers. It also allows you to send estimates, record your incoming invoices, track your time, expenses and mileage, and get paid via a host of payment gateways.

There are recurring billing features, which allow you to charge subscriptions and auto-bill customers. Plus, it’s possible to manage multiple businesses and teams with a single Hiveage account.

We’re a small business ourselves, so we understand the problems freelancers and small businesses face when it comes to managing their finances. Hiveage was designed to be simple and intuitive, without the clutter and complexity you see in enterprise billing solutions. From the feedback we’ve received from our customers, we seem to have done a decent job!

2. How is Hiveage working with SecurePay?

We have several thousand Australian customers, and it was important for us to make it easy for them to accept payments online. SecurePay has a great reputation in Australia and its team works closely with local small businesses, which made SecurePay a natural choice for us.

3. How does the SecurePay / Hiveage partnership benefit businesses?

Having an online payment option right inside your invoice increases your chances of getting paid on time. In fact, we have observed that invoices with an online payment option get paid as much as a week earlier than those limited to using traditional methods. This is very important for small businesses, as it can have a direct effect on cash flow.

4. How do customers set up SecurePay with Hiveage?

Setting up SecurePay with Hiveage is really easy. Once you sign up with a SecurePay account, you will receive a merchant ID and a transaction password. You have to enable the SecurePay module in your Hiveage account and enter these details. That’s it – now you can accept payments using SecurePay right inside your Hiveage invoices!

5. What does it cost to use SecurePay with Hiveage?

The SecurePay module in Hiveage costs US$1.95 per month or US$19.95 per year. You also need to enable the core module called Hiveage Plus to add payment gateways, so the total cost would be US$8.90 per month or US$89.90 per year.

SecurePay is bundled with our ‘Big’ plans, which enable all Hiveage features.

6. Does Hiveage integrate with any cloud accounting software, like Xero or MYOB?

We’re actively working on supporting several cloud accounting services and hope to have these integrations ready soon.

Top three billing tips for small businesses

1. Have clear payment terms. Come to a mutual agreement with your client about the payment schedule right at the beginning of a project and send invoices with clear payment terms at the right time.

2. Track every step. It’s easy to let things fall through the cracks when you’re focusing on actual work rather than administrative tasks like invoicing. Set aside time for recording what was owed, who was billed, when they were billed, when payments were expected and if payments were received.

3. Send payment reminders. If a customer is late with the payment, don’t hesitate to send reminders. You can easily set automatic reminders with systems like Hiveage.

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