Seven ways to boost sales in the lead up to Father’s Day

Keen to make the most of the big gift days, such as Father’s Day? Here’s how to draw traffic to your site and give customers a simple gift-shopping solution with a few small tweaks to your website and marketing strategy.

Let’s face it – dads can be hard to buy for. And that means each year when Father’s Day rolls around plenty of Australians are searching online for a simple solution to their gift shopping stress.

The Father’s Day rush is a great opportunity for your online store. Recent retail analysis by the National Retail Association reveals that sales for Father’s Day have been on the rise in recent years, with the average customer spending A$51.60 on each gift.

By making the gift shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible, you can take advantage of this occasion to boost your sales while also enhancing customer loyalty and repeat custom.

Here are some simple ideas that can help you stay competitive in this busy period. These tips and ideas can also be harnessed for other special occasions – from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Christmas – so now is the perfect time to test out some strategies that you can use again and again.

1. Create a gift ideas section

For most people, coming up with gift ideas is the hardest part. Make it easy for them by grouping together some suggestions and displaying them on a landing page on your site. If you have a large range of products to choose from, sorting them into categories by price (gifts under A$20, gifts under A$50, and so on), or by the “kind of dad” (creative, outdoorsy, gadget loving) can help customers quickly find something that suits.

2. Provide special offers

Everyone loves a discount. According to Google, 91 per cent of shoppers say low price is important in the decision to buy. Hold a flash Father’s Day sale and promote it on social media and by email.

Bundle up items that go well together and offer them at a special price – this gives your customers a quick and easy gift solution and can increase their perception of value. Alternatively, you could try offering a small free gift with each purchase.

3. Make the most of email

Reach out to your mailing list – remind them that Father’s Day is coming up and pre-empt their gift shopping needs. Create an email newsletter with gift suggestions and a special offer just for your subscribers. Make sure your email is optimised for mobile to really have the strongest impact.

4. Offer free, fast shipping

Free shipping is increasingly important to shoppers. In fact, Duke University academic and author of Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely, conducted research that revealed that people are four to five times more likely to make a purchase if shipping is free. When you add to the mix that people are often shopping for gifts at the last minute, guaranteeing speedy delivery can give your customers peace of mind, removing roadblocks to purchase.

5. Provide free wrapping and cards

Again, the idea is to take away as much of the stress of gift shopping as you can. If you can take care of the wrapping and cards, that’s one less thing on your busy customer’s to-do list – and they’ll love you for it.

6. Hold a competition

Add emotion to your marketing campaign and encourage greater engagement with your customers by running a Father’s Day competition. A simple and popular idea is to hold a photo competition on social media. Ask your audience to post photos that demonstrate why they love their dads, husbands or partners, and reward and share the best responses.

7. Have a shoppable Instagram feed and Pinterest page

Share gift ideas on social media. Crowdtap research reveals that 65 per cent of shoppers use social platforms to help them find the perfect gift. To really take advantage of this trend, put some budget behind sponsored posts and make the browse-to-buy process as smooth as possible.

Visually led platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be the perfect place to show off beautiful gift ideas. Even better, you can now make your posts shoppable by adding Shop Now buttons (Instagram) and Buyable Pins (Pinterest). A Shopify/Pinterest study found the average price of purchases made through Pinterest is US$50 – higher than any other social platform.

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