E-commerce leaders come to Melbourne

Online Retailer Melbourne, an event featuring talks and exhibitions by some of the top Australian and international online retailers, will take place from 16–17 March 2016 in Melbourne. The event will uncover business trends and industry insights from leaders in the online industry and also provide a platform for networking. We find out more from e-commerce consultant and managing director of The Media Pad, Grant Arnott.

What is the agenda of the Online Retailer Melbourne event and how will it help Australian e-commerce?

Online Retailer Melbourne is all about bringing together thought leaders and the best practitioners of the art of online retail in the one place. Delegates aim to go and not only gather tips and advice but share views and network with other industry leaders and people who are in the same boat as they are. It’s both educational and a great peer-to-peer opportunity. In terms of how it will help Australian e-commerce, delegates will get tips on how to improve their business, which can only lift standards across the board.

What’s your role at the event?

I’m honoured to be the chairperson again – for day two of the conference – so I’ll be introducing key note speakers and answering questions from the crowd.

How many times has the event been held and what was the response?

There’s been an event running for a few years called e-commerce Melbourne. This is a new revamped edition of that event and it’s the first time it’s been branded as Online Retailer Melbourne, very much in line with the Sydney event of the same name.

Is interest growing as an increasing number of people shop online?

Interest in the event definitely continues to grow each year in line with growth in the online retail space. It’s a space where there are still a lot of opportunities to enter and succeed and I think that’s what makes this conference exciting. There are always new success stories unearthed at every event.

What can Aussie online retailers expect to learn at the event?

Where do I start? They’ll learn about the dos and don’ts of e-commerce, a lot about digital marketing and best practice. There’s sessions on things like optimising your logistics, designing your website, improving your conversion rate, setting yourself up for mobile best practice, media best practice … just looking at all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make a successful e-commerce business.

Is it relevant to both new and experienced online retailers?

Definitely. There are a lot of sessions and some are tailored to the more experienced retailers but others are definitely helpful for the novice start up. That’s the beauty of Online Retailer and what they deliver is that there is definitely something for people at all levels of their e-commerce journey.

Do you think events like this are important for online retailers?

I think they’re crucially important for online retailers. We’re in a rapidly evolving space! Considering how fast technology moves, how fast the consumer sentiment moves. You owe it to yourself as a business to make sure you attend events like this not just to benchmark yourself against your peers and find out what everyone else is up to but also, to keep in touch with best practices around the world so that you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

What practical advice do you therefore have for attendees to make the best of the event?

Get there early, attend the networking events and ask questions! There are usually a relatively small number of people who ask questions but I think you have these wonderful, experienced, international speakers and it’s your chance to find out all you can from them.

Any speaker or exhibition you’re particularly excited about this year?

Cassandra Wesch from Fanatics will be great and also, Sean Clark from, which has been a big player in e-commerce globally.

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