How a payment gateway can increase your sales: Picture Postie

Secure online payments are a must for every e-commerce business. As Melbourne’s Picture Postie has found, allowing customers to pay on credit card through a payment gateway rather than through a third party can boost sales.

Exercise can be great medicine for the mind. It can clear your thoughts, making room for bright ideas to emerge. This is just what happened to Jennifer Roberts, who came up with the idea for her business, Picture Postie, while on her routine run. “I run as a way to relieve stress or to clear my mind, and the idea just came to me then,” she says. “I was thinking about all the photos on my phone and how there wasn’t a convenient way to print them. It occurred to me that a photo printing app would be extremely handy.”

That idea was the beginning of Picture Postie, Roberts’ Melbourne-based business. Picture Postie provides a kiosk-style photo printing service, making photo and canvas prints of smartphone and social media images and delivering them to the customer’s home. The business has expanded to include wall decals, photo blocks, timber frames and custom filters, which allows users to create and apply their own filters.

Roberts launched Picture Postie in January 2013. Her philosophy from the start has been to put herself in the shoes of her customers and consider what they want. Is the app easy to use? Does it offer enough printing options? Is the payment method simple? It was this last question that led her to SecurePay.

Payment choices

When Roberts launched Picture Postie, the only payment option she provided for her customers was PayPal. “At times, it was challenging for customers to pay with a credit card via PayPal if they didn’t have an account with PayPal,” she says. “This led us to look at another solution. Since starting with SecurePay, we haven’t had anyone say they’re having trouble paying with their credit card.”

Roberts chose SecurePay about six months after launching her business and says the implementation was simple and smooth. “Sometimes I remember things because they were hard work,” she says. “I barely remember the process as it was easy – a simple exercise in setting it up with SecurePay and our bank.”

Better sales, increased efficiency

Roberts says simply implementing a SecurePay payment gateway improved the conversion from download to purchase by close on 2 per cent. “Converting a download to a sale is a key focus for us – every per cent adds up. Having another payment option was a good choice.”

The additional payment method has also improved the efficiency of bank reconciliations. Picture Postie has opted for batch payments with SecurePay due to the level of repeat business from its customers. “All of our bank reconciliations are smooth because they’re batched daily, which suits us because we have many transactions,” says Roberts.

Focusing on customers

As Picture Postie has grown, Roberts has employed a customer service manager, as well as someone to take care of social media. “We also have a couple of developers working with us at the moment, because we’ve got Android launching [in March 2014], which should hopefully mean lots more transactions.”

Roberts believes the success of Picture Postie is based on giving customers what they want. “If you’re customer focused, you find a solution that’s customer focused,” she says. “People have different preferences when it comes to payment. Having multiple options allows our customers to pay via their preferred channel, which is good for business.”

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