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Shipping and delivery series, part two: eParcel

In part two of our series, we shine the spotlight on Australia Post’s eParcel, an online delivery solution aimed at streamlining delivery for high-volume online sellers who ship more than 1,000 parcels a year.

Once an e-commerce business is growing rapidly, it is vital that the business can be scaled up quickly and efficiently. Many online businesses start out by using some manual process, particularly around shipping and delivery, but rapid growth can mean that manual processes quickly become too time-consuming and wieldy to be managed efficiently. If your e-commerce business is ramping up quickly and you are starting to ship more than 1,000 parcels a year, eParcel may be a shipping solution for you to consider.

Australia Post has built its eParcel online freight management tool specifically for online sellers who are shipping between 1,000 and 50,000 parcels a year. This online solution makes it easier for e-commerce businesses to handle their shipping and delivery requirements and to deliver outstanding service to their customers.

Scaled to your online business

eParcel can be used in a variety of different ways to suit a diverse range of e-commerce businesses.

You can opt to use the online eParcel tool or to integrate it with your existing warehouse management system or a third-party management system. Plus, eParcel offers competitive and affordable pricing to help reduce your delivery costs.

With eParcel, you can offer an Express Post option to your customers, plus it is possible for both you and your customers to use an online tracking tool to keep an eye on deliveries. This means you will know when an item arrives at a delivery facility, when it is loaded into a vehicle and when it is delivered.

And as customers are demanding more flexibility around delivery options, with eParcel you can offer a variety of delivery choices, including specific delivery windows, 24/7 Parcel Lockers or a specific post office. Delivery options can be integrated into a shopping cart or checkout through a range of APIs, available at Australia Post’s Developer Centre.

What are the main features of eParcel?

eParcel has been built specifically for high-volume online sellers. If you ship fewer than 1,000 parcels a year, Click and Send could be a good delivery solution for your needs – see our previous article in the series.

The benefits of eParcel include:

  • consignment management
  • scheduled pickups from offices or warehouses (restrictions apply)
  • tracking services
  • barcoded labels
  • delivery manifests
  • online tracking and delivery notifications for sender and recipient
  • flexible pricing for more volume
  • transit cover if parcels are lost or damaged
  • managed reports.

Getting started with eParcel for your e-commerce business is easy – if you already have a business credit account with Australia Post, your representative can simply include eParcel in that for you. If you don’t have a business credit account, you can open one by calling 13 11 18 and ensure that eParcel is included.

In the next instalment of the shipping and delivery series, we will be examining receipting and what else to include in parcels that you send to online customers. Stay tuned!

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