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Shipping and delivery series, part one: Click and Send

Our shipping and delivery series puts the spotlight on the logistical and operational aspects of running an e-commerce business, starting with how Australia Post’s Click and Send can help new online businesses to manage their deliveries.

Many online business owners have made the leap from the corporate world or another career path into e-commerce. Running your own online retail business can be hugely rewarding, but it is often more complex than some business owners have initially anticipated.

In our shipping and delivery series, we will be looking at various daily logistical and operational aspects of running an e-commerce business and what delivery and shipping solutions are available to help you succeed and grow your business.

Getting a handle on shipping

Once you have your website up and running, your online payments solution integrated and working smoothly and a marketing strategy in place, you should soon be starting to make some online sales. Great! But that means you need to turn your attention to despatching items swiftly and ensuring they reach your customers safely.

Australia Post has been at the forefront of developing easy-to-use and cost-effective delivery solutions for businesses of different sizes. For businesses that are starting out, Click and Send is a convenient and cost-effective shipping option that can help to save time.

How Click and Send works

Click and Send is an online service that has been designed to make it easier for online businesses to integrate their databases with their shipping, to create and print professional labels and even, in some cases, to arrange for parcels to be collected by a courier.

Click and Send registration is free and is entirely online. Once a business is registered, there are a number of benefits, including:

  • Create parcel postage labels online and print them yourself.
  • Pay online for delivery via a range of payment options – including credit card, PayPal and Australia Post business credit account.
  • Pricing options – either calculate parcel postage costs using the online parcel calculator or opt for flat rate postage for domestic deliveries. This means you know up-front what postage is going to cost, eliminating one variable for you and your customer.

Delivery options for businesses

In some locations, you can book a parcel pickup from your home or business. This is a really convenient option if you are juggling a new business with a full-time job, or if you just need to get on with tasks at the office, without having to pop out to the post office. Pickup costs from $5.50 and is not available in all locations. Alternatively, you can opt to take your parcels to your local post office or drop them off in a street posting box (domestic parcels and Express Courier International only).

Customer service

Using Click and Send for delivery can help you to deliver great customer service, as you can set up free automated parcel tracking emails for your customer. The ability for customers to track their deliveries helps to increase their trust in your business, particularly if you are a new e-commerce venture.

Click and Send and eBay

Many online retailers start out on eBay, so Click and Send allows you to link your eBay account with your Click and Send account. This means all your customer data in your eBay account can be seamlessly used for labelling and deliveries. Plus, you can easily import your own customer database into your Click and Send account.

Save more with Business 250

If you find that your online business is really taking off and you are set to send more than 250 parcels a year, you will be eligible to become a member of Business 250. This affords a host of benefits, in particular a 10 per cent saving on selected postage.

While Click and Send is a great option for new or small e-commerce businesses, in the next part of the shipping and delivery series, we will look at eParcel, which is an option for high-volume online sellers sending more than 1,000 parcels a year.

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