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“It’s awesome” – and five other reasons this online retailer loves SecurePay’s all-in-one solution

Parents all over the world are increasingly seeking out authentic toys for their children as an antidote to our fast-paced, tech-driven consumer lifestyles. For parents, one of the easiest and most obvious changes to make is to replace cheap, mass-produced toys with more durable and natural options like wooden toys. One wooden toys retailer, Knock on Wood Toys, sells online using the SecurePay Online Payments solution. (4 min read)

Knock on Wood Toys is a Queensland-based boutique e-commerce retailer that is passionate about wooden toys that can last a lifetime and be passed down through the family.

Craig Aitken, owner of Knock on Wood Toys and father to two boys, explains: “We love wooden toys – the business came about when we found that it was difficult to locate wooden toys when our kids were small. We wanted to give other parents the opportunity to buy quality toys for their children, which can stay in the family for years.”

Today, Knock on Wood Toys sells a range of brands, including Hape, Kiddimoti, I’m Toy, Pintoy, Indigo Jamm, EverEarth and Fun Factory.

While Knock on Wood Toys is entirely committed to providing traditional wooden toys for families that will last for decades, when it comes to e-commerce, the retailer has turned to the latest option for its online payments.

Knock on Wood Toys began using SecurePay Online Payments – an all-in-one payments solution that combines a secure payment gateway with an internet merchant account – in late 2014.

This means that Knock on Wood Toys now has one point of contact for all its online payments, with no need to have to call its bank about transactions or questions. Aitken says the business has benefited in a number of other ways, too, since it adopted the online payments solution.

1. Flat percentage fee and no ongoing costs

SecurePay Online Payments offers a flat 2.4 per cent transaction fee on domestic Visa and MasterCard payments. There are no sign-up costs and no ongoing monthly or annual fees. On the transparent pricing structure, Aitken says: “SecurePay Online Payments has been a real success for us.”

2. Speedy settlements

Settlement time varies from business to business, but it is generally within a few days and often much quicker than other online payment solutions. “The great thing about SecurePay Online Payments is that we receive notification of payment on the same day,” says Aitken. “It settles the next business day so funds hit your account the next day.”

3. Quick approval

Typically, business can be approved within five business days for SecurePay Online Payments. “We were approved within a few days,” explains Aitken.

4. Easy integration

Knock on Wood Toys relies on a web development company to maintain its website, but the process of integrating SecurePay Online Payments went off without a hitch. “Our web developer, Online Visions, did the integration into our Magento platform. All we did was provide the developers with the information we received from SecurePay.”

5. Payment options

Aitken says that offering the very best customer service is one of Knock on Wood Toys’ main priorities, and with SecurePay Online Payments, customers can choose to pay with a range of different options.

“We are very customer focused and we could see that for whatever reason, some people don’t like to use other payment gateways,” says Aitken. “Lots of customers refuse to use certain providers and they asked us for other payment methods.”

SecurePay Online Payments offers Visa, MasterCard and PayPal, and it can be integrated with American Express and Diners Club International.

Aitken adds that he can also take and process card payments over the phone securely, which has its benefits, too. “There may be customers who don’t want to pay online, or someone who wants to add an item to an existing order without paying for the shipping again. We can facilitate that over the phone, which is awesome.”

6. Security

SecurePay Online Payments can be used along with SecurePay’s FraudGuard, which helps to detect and stop fraudulent transactions before they occur. Aitken says for online retailers, a secure payments solution is vital. “It needs to be secure – with an online store, it is like having an alarm on your bricks-and-mortar shop. You need security and encryption for your customers.”

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