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Five of Australia’s best business blogs

Blogging is taking business content marketing to a new level, and Australia has some of the best business blogs on the web. In part five of our blogging series, we review five of Australia’s most successful business blogs to find out how they are being used to raise profiles and position companies as experts in their field.

Earlier in 2015, SmartCompany collated its list of the 20 best business blogs in Australia. This list features blogs that provide small business owners with great information and actionable advice to help them succeed. These blogs also demonstrate the fact that there has never been a better time to start blogging to make a name for your small business on the web.

Here, we’ve picked five blogs from SmartCompany’s Top 20 that offer e-commerce owners inspiration, insights and valuable business tips. Hopefully, they will not only help to improve the performance of your business but will also encourage you to start blogging yourself! (The blogs below are not listed in any particular order.)

Bluewire Media

Web strategy consulting firm Bluewire Media’s blog focuses on getting the most out of digital marketing, a necessity for today’s e-commerce businesses. The blog covers a range of topics, from website design and development to social media strategy, and the content includes podcasts and guest posts from digital marketing professionals. Bluewire Media also offers takeaway content like free tools, e-books, blog articles and premium toolkits. Want to invite an influencer to be a guest on your blog or podcast? Bluewire Media co-founder Adam Franklin shares his method and tips on how to attract those expert commentators.

Copywrite Matters

In this era of “be found” on the web and mobile, compelling copy is more important than ever. Good copywriting can build buyer trust and audience engagement with your business and lead to more sales, not to mention the positive effect it can have on search engine optimisation (SEO). Copywrite Matters has a blog devoted to the art and science of copywriting. The blog covers everything from truth in copywriting to mistakes to avoid if you’re a freelance copywriter. If you register with the blog, you can get a free “cheat sheet” with 20 copywriting tips. Like blogging, copywriting can also benefit other forms of marketing like advertising and newsletters.

Design School

Canva is an Australian technology business that makes graphic design tools available to everyone online. The company recently hired former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki to promote its innovative approach to design software. Canva’s blog is called Design School, and it is filled with design tips and tricks that are useful to anyone trying to promote and market a business. In addition to offering advice such as how to work with different fonts, Design School offers insights into visual arts, branding and event resume building. Design School is a good example of how a start-up has used blogging to boost its profile and engage an audience relevant to its core business.

Market Economics

Small business owners and companies selling online can keep abreast of the economy through the Market Economics blog. Economist Stephen Koukoulas covers a range of topics relating to macroeconomics, including government policy, interest rates, the Reserve Bank and real estate. Despite often dealing with complex issues, Koukoulas manages to explain technical aspects in a digestible way, making the workings of our economic system relevant and interesting for everyone.

Small Talk

All small businesses owners need support and inspiration, and the Small Talk blog by Keely Malady aims to do just that. The blog shares the stories of fellow small business owners, including all the ups and downs of running your own enterprise. The slogan of Small Talk & Co is “interviews with inspiring creative entrepreneurs”, but the appeal of the content is in the stunning photography, which paints a real-life picture of the lives of artisan creative professionals. Keely Malady is also associated with online women’s community Creative Women’s Circle.

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