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Five free ways to improve your Christmas SEO

With online Christmas shopping increasing exponentially, your SEO strategy has never been more important. We look at how to tweak your website and keywords to draw Christmas shoppers to your webstore.

More Australians are choosing to avoid the Christmas rush by going online to buy gifts. Last season, $3.92 billion was spent online, which was almost 30 per cent more than the previous Christmas period.

How can you attract more of these customers to your site this season? The answer is in your SEO strategy.  Here are five ways to improve your SEO to make your Christmas even merrier.

1. Group your gifts

Shoppers will often go online with a gift recipient in mind, so make their search easier by grouping products by gift category, such as ‘Gifts for him’ or ‘Gifts for Grandma’. To attract even more shoppers, try to be as specific as possible. Consider categories such as ‘Gifts for under $20, or ‘Gifts for colleagues’. You can then promote some of these categories through blog posts on your website, and remember, gifts can be included in several categories so don’t limit yourself.

Another way to group your products is through themed gift hampers. Not only will you be giving your customers a quick and easy option, you will also have an opportunity to sell multiple products in one transaction.

Once you’ve created these subheadings on your site they should help people find you when searching for these categories.

2. Watch your language

Christmas can be a competitive time for eCommerce businesses, so what you write and how you write it can help you stand out from the crowd.

Search engines love unique content, so if you are selling third-party products rather than those you’ve manufactured yourself, make your product descriptions unique rather than using the ones supplied from the wholesaler. Writing your own description can also give customers an insight into your brand personality.

3. Review your keywords

While it’s important to stand out with catchy product descriptions, it’s also essential to check your keywords and phrases against each product. Now is also a good time to review your category and product pages based on keyword research. Use Google Adwords as a tool to discover popular search terms for the festive season and check their frequency, placement and prominence on your pages.

Remember to consider festive keyword variations, such as ‘Xmas’ as well as ‘Christmas’. It’s also a good idea to review and sharpen up your seasonal metadata titles and descriptions as this can improve click through rates to your website. Be sure to mention any holiday sales or specials in your meta descriptions.

You should also take note of changes to Google’s algorithm and how they may affect your business. In September this year, Google rolled out Penguin 4.0 and one of the most important changes is that it now refreshes data in real time. This means Google now recognises updates and optimisations quickly, so rankings will adjust accordingly. As Penguin 4.0 is more granular, it can pick up unnatural links faster and penalise your site accordingly. To remain compliant, perform a regular audit of your links and clean them up where necessary.

4. Don’t forget longtail

Christmas shoppers are often looking for a particular gift and a longtail SEO strategy can make it much easier for them to find exactly what they want. Longtail keywords refer to very specific phrases of up to around five words. For example, while ‘Christmas hampers’ is very general, ‘Unique Australian Christmas hampers’ is much more specific. To prepare your longtail keywords, analyse the most successful keywords from last year, write down some festive-themed keywords and make a list of short phrases that combines the two.

5. Create useful content

Creating editorial content around seasonal topics, such as ‘How to spoil your mum this Christmas’ can attract more traffic to your site when shoppers are researching their gift ideas. Make sure you include beautiful images, tips and suggestions to make your content more useful at this time of the year. The more creative your content, the more likely people will be to share it, which will also help boost your SEO success.

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